Kevin and Jennifer visit

Sponsors visit to India

Jennifer Linder and Kevin Dougherty

Our visit to India as travellers has blessed us greatly with a marvellous experience of knowing more deeply about FCN and its many service oriented activities. We never knew about the existence of this foundation until our friends directed us to visit this amazing organization while travelling around. Tom and Geetha, well known for their guidance, hospitality and graciousness welcomed our request of volunteering our service in the FCN School in a rural area.

It warmed our hearts to see how open, welcoming and loving the children studying here. The students frequently talked about their sponsors and asked us if we knew them personally. It was really touching to see how much love and appreciation they have for their sponsors, more than many sponsors probably realize. We could plainly see the enormous impact that this wonderful Foundation making in the lives of thousands of students. We also learned about the staggering number of projects that FCN undertakes, as well as the incredibly hard work needed to keep those projects running.

We are very much impressed by the ‘never get tired of serving the poor and needy’ attitude and dedication of Tom and Geetha in their God oriented mission. We cherish the wonderful moments we experienced with the well trained team of FCN as well as with the family of Tom and Geetha. We feel blessed to have met these zealous couple and are proud to now be part of the FCN family as sponsors.

Bob Santilli

Hello Geetha & Tom! I very much enjoyed my trip Porumamilla in September! I was most impressed by the K-10 School, the FCN Compound, the attentive & hospitable FCN staff, and the School for the Deaf in Kadapa!! The gratefulness of the children and elderly women being helped by FCN was overwhelming!! And meeting my sponsored student, Krishnaveni Boreddy, was inspiring to say the least!! I appreciated the attentiveness by all the FCN staff throughout my stay and very much felt most welcome by all!! Thanks again to you both and FCN for taking the time from your busy schedules to arrange my itinerary in India!! Peace to all!
Bob Santilli
Denver, CO

Joe Hapak

Dear Friends of FCN, From Kathmandu I flew to Hyderabad where Jayapal met me at the airport and took me to the Hyderabad headquarters of FCN. We visited an orphanage in the city before we took the night train to Kadapa. A driver met us there and took us to Porumamilla.

The next day I met Akshay Kumar and his family. We spent a couple hours getting acquainted. He is quiet boy who knows more English than his letters suggested. I am lucky to have him as sponsored child. He wants to be an engineer when he finishes secondary school two years from now.

This visit was a blessing to me. I now have a clearer idea to whom I am writing when I send him letters.