Sponsors and Donors

FCN greatly appreciates the generosity of all our sponsors and donors. It is your support that has touched thousands of people in the villages of India. Your help means a lot in our efforts to reach out to the needy. May God continue to bless you and your families. We furnish here the list of sponsors and donors at the suggestion of our auditing firm, Desmond & Ahern Ltd., Chicago, IL. If you see that your name is missing or any discrepancy in the amount you donated please email: tomchitta@hotmail.com

Donations received from April 1, 2019, to March 31,2020.

Donation Group from $ 1 to 100

Denise Alm
John and Kathy Amato
Silvia Arvesu
John & Rosemary Auer
Tom and Janis Blackstone
William Blake
Jacquelyn Bonavia
Deborah Bosman
Marie Bruno
Brendan Byrne
Richard and Barbara Campbell
Lynda Caselton
Lucia Cervantes
Sarah Colston
Cheryl Costello
Michael & Barbara Davis
Mary Ann DeLucenay
Darrel and Gwen Dodane
Charlene Drews
Evelyn Eru
Priscilia Eru
Deacon Howard & Maryann Fischer
Frank and Pam Flaspohler
John and Amy Griffin
Sandra Grove
Anna Gurney
James Hahn
Susan Hammond
Richard and Susan Hampton
Dick and Nancy Haucke
Mary Frances Hayes
Christine Hennig
Gilmore and Barbara Hoffman
Ronald and June Hoogenboom
 Humana Foundation Inc.
Sharon Kaye
Deanna Keszler
Patrick and Mary Anne Kielty
Brent and Constance King
Tom and Darlene Kolp
Marianne Krismer
Judy Krugman
Dennis and Donna Love
Gary Lust
Jennifer Mahan
Nancy McGourty
Joan McNeal
Bill McNeely
Nancy Miller
Don and Helen Minogue
Maria Nava
Joseph and Judy Noehring
Dennis and Marilyn Noonan
Cecelia O'Brien
Mary O'Connell
Laura Ozuna
Diane Passero
Kevin Perry
Mark and Bonita Rekucki
Diane Robisch
Kenneth and Laura Romero
Gary and Lynda Rzeszutek
Mary Ann Seebacher
Roberto and Maureen Smith
Mark and Sheryl Terril
 The Family Legal Project of Nebraska
Constance Vogel
Kenneth & Mary Ellen Vogt
Marie Walsh
Joseph & Elizabeth Weidner
Alan and Phyllis Weiss
Adrienne Wilk
Mary Wright
Mark and Mary Jo Young

Donation Group from $ 101 to $ 500

Chris and Theresa Abel
Lynn Abler
Arthur Adamczyk
Daneen Adams
Gretchen Adamson
Rosalva Adan
Samantha Agarwal
James and Mary Agnew
Rahul Agrawal
Alice Akel
Rosario Alaimo
Greg and Jennifer Albers
Freddie Alequin-Ramos
Halley Alexander
Lanna Allison
Thomas and Diane Allison
Lisa Alt
Lisa Amantia
James and Barbara Anderson
Mark and Colleen Anderson
Mat and Sarah Anderson
Roy and Sandi Anderson
Janet Andre
Brent and Jill Andresen
Joel and Elizabeth Andrews
Lonn and Karen Andrews
Rachel Andrews
Debbie Andrle
Stephen and Mary Angeliu
James and Mary Anglim
David Angner
Ron and Sue Anton
Fr. Donald Antweiler
George and Judy Apelian
Jim, Donna and Jacob Appolson
 Arch Insurance Group
Constance Archambault
Sandra Arellano
Dave and Linda Arend
Scott and Michelle Arendt
Mary Arsinow
Mary Arvidson
Jean Asbury
Sandy and John Ashby
Karen and Tony Auciello
Justina and Sayre Auck
Linda Augle
Mary Austin
Katie Auten
Katherine Axtell
Byron and Elaine Babbish
Jeannine and Gregg Backstrom
Abhinesh Baddam
Linda Baerwald
Elisa Bailey
Janice Bain
Paul and Dana Bain
Margaret Bajon
Mark and Laurel Balasa
Pam and David Baldus
Robin Balland
David and Julie Bange
Allwyn and Anita Baptist
Arthur Baptist
Gerald and Diane Barber
Paul and Diane Barber
David Bardon
Debbie and Jim Barker
Michael and Denise Barnes
Donna Barrett
Patrick Barrett
Martin and Sharon Barron
Beth Barry
Matt Barry
Charles and Grace Barth
Greg and Maureen Barth
Kathi and Dennis Barton and Family
Michael and Christine Bartz and family
Carol Beck
George and Julie Becke
Johanna Becker
James and Nanette Beckert
Rene and Kathy Bede
Wayne Bedor
Bob and Alice Beezat
Chris and Judy Belanger
Debbie Belew
Jeff and Julia Bell
Cheryl Bellavia
John and Heather Benkelman
Sherry Benn
Gena Bensinger
Jerry and Janice Bent
Edmonda Berarducci
Michael and Pamela Berg
Ken and Sharon Bergman
Kenna and Tim Bergman
Joseph and Patricia Bernens
Dr. Rosemary Bernholtz
Janet Bertagnolli
Robert and Shirley Betros and family
Cathy Betz
Maria Betzen
Andrew and Namitha Bezouska
Robert and Mary Bezouska
Nagachandan Bhat
Krzysztof Biega
Mirek Bielak
Karen Bielinski
Eileen Bigge
Suzanne Billings
Carol Birong
Tom and Kathy Bittner
Phil and Bonnie Bjerning
Bernard and Kathleen Black
Cynthia Blanchet
Gerry and Patricia Blaskowski
Joy Blocki
Steven Bloink
Bernice Bobenrieth
Brad and Betsy Bochat
John and Barbara Boehm
Libby Boeing
Trent and Laura Bohacz
Eric and Leanne Bohannon
Bob and Kate Boharic
Shelley Bojalad
Sherry Boland
Ellen Bollmeier
Terry and Lorna Boone
Sharon Boozer
Catherine Borgeson
Bill and Linda Borst
Albina Bourgeois
Chris Bourque
Beverly Bowe
Fr. Alan Bower
Regina Bower
Cynthia Bowling
Stacey Bowman
Anthony and Danielle Bozaan
Bonita Bozylinski
Mark and Rosita Brady
Brian and Kate Braisted
Sharon Branch
Joe, Kristi, Alec & Ellie Braun
Michelle Brausa
Catherine Bravard
Denyse Breault
Lynda Brenner
Gary and Diane Brimer
Deacon Larry Brockman
Anthony and Barbara Bromboz
Fred and Marilyn Broviak
Chris and Margaret Brown
Diane Brown
Natalia Broz
Robert and Wanda Bruchman
Ken and Judy Brusate
Lynne Bruzzese
Mary Cullen Bryan
Teresa and Frank Brzezicki
Rebecca and Robert Bub
Camille and Robert Bucchere
Scott and Diane Buchanan
Theresa Buhr
Joseph Burkard
Michael and Jane Burke
Tim and Vickie Burke
William Burke
Barbara Burns
Carol Burns
James Burrows
Diane Butler
Carol Bynum
Joyce and Mike Bytnar
Michelle Calder
Joe and Celeste Caleel
Chris and Katie Callen
David and Diane Callies
Paul and Karen Camarata
Keith and Barb Cameron
Fred and Lois Campagna
Diane Cannon
Eric Carda
Marion Cardell
Michele Cardenas
Allison Maree Carlo
Don and Pat Carlson
John and Marilyn Carlson
Keith and Devon Carlson
Meghan Carmody-Bubb
Rita Carnival
Annie Carroll
Joseph and Joanne Carroll
Kelly Carroll
Greg Carso
Nate and Anna Castner
Leonard and Nancy Castrianno
Dave and Ramona Cattapan
Nina and Joanna Caudill
John and Jeanne Cavers
Catrina Cecala
Brad and Jamie Ceranski
Eapen and Barbara Chacko
Manasa Challa
Cynthia Chandler
John Chaney
Barry and Christy Chapman
David Charney
James and Marianne Chedister
Harika Chelimilla
Brent Chenard
Franklin and Manju Cheriasseril
Elsamma Chettiath
Kathy Chevalier
Mary Chiappetta
Mark Chidichimo
 Children Are Angels From Heaven
Joseph and Jan Chiofolo
Caren Chisesi
Dr. Geetha & Tom Chitta
Charles and Julie Christensen
Janis Christiano
Jacqueline Church
David & Marianna Cimarrusti
Russell and Wynn Cink
June and Bill Cleary
Katherine Cleary
Kathleen Cleary
Shannon Clement
Patricia Cloud
Joey Cocco
Jeffrey and Linda Coffaro
Cecelia Coglianese
Susie Coleman
Joe and Mary Colgan
Joanne Colmerauer
Robert and Kathy Colucci
Mary Compitello
Kathleen Conahan
Karen Condon
Carolyn Conner
Susan Connor
B. J. Conroy
Michael and Anne Cooley
Bryan and Samantha Cope
Kathleen Copeland
Tony and Julie Cordes
David Cotterman
David and Elizabeth Courtney
Brian and Casey Cox
Rev. Paul Cox
Carol Coyle
Clay and Cindy Cprek
Carolee Crabb
Pamela Crafton
Reid Craigmile
Jim Crawford
Michael and Margaret Crawford
Tom and Joan Cremin
Linda Crimmins
Mary Kaye Cripe
Michael Cross
Ken and Maryann Croteau
Elaine Crouch
Daniel and Janet Crowley
Rick and Kathy Cummings
Agnieszka Czwordon
Halina Czwordon
Dawn Dagenais
Robert and Jane Dager
Doug and Lynn Dahl
Sal and Alice Dalfio
Lucy Dalla Valle
Cathy Daly
Sebastian and Victoria D'Amico
Surekha Dangoor
Pamela Daniels
David and Nancy Danis Sr
Nancy Jo Danis
Lou and Susan Darin
Bevan and Larysa Das
John Dauer
Debora Daugherty
Greg, Chris, and Sharon Davis
James Davis
John and Theresa Davis
 Daytime Book Club c/o Monica Raj
Leila and Carlo De Notaristefani
Luc and Rani De Zaeyer
Robert and Susan Dean
Susan Dean
James and Rosemary Deardurff
Linda DeCarolis
Louise DeCicco
Giuseppe and Rosanna DeFilippis
Brenda DeGeer
Jerry and Carla DeGroot
Theresa Deignan
Mary DeJong
John and Liz DeJulio
Christine DeLalley
Lisa and Louie Delk
John and Anne Delwiche
M. Dianne DeMarco
Theresa DeMarco
Jerry and Jean Dembowski
Dexter and Sara DeNardis
Michael and Mary Denor
Dennis & Jennifer Dercks
Tom and Vickie Derengoski
Robert & Anne Marie Derrett Jr.
Jeanne Dervin
Brian and Arlene DeSousa
Christine DeSousa
Mary Devereaux
Susan Devlin-Varin
Jack and Pat Devron
Tom and Charity Dey
Jennifer and Haley Diel
Anne Dietterich
Cress Diglio
Jim Dillard
Maureen Dillon
Patrick and Melisa Dillon
Vearl and Sharon Dillon
Charlene Dimacali
Fred and Lisa DiMaria Jr.
David and Julie DiMatteo
Marjorie DiMeo
David DiNardo
Delia Dineen
Thomas and Patricia Dinolfo
P. Robert and Erika Dix
Dale and Beth D'Mello
Eleanor Doherty
Carmen Dolgin
Steve and Kathy Doll
Bruce and Julie Dolmovich
Dolores Domas
Judy Domingos-Porter
James and Nancy Donnelly
Teri Donner
Judith Doodeman
Mary Jane Dooley
Ciaran and Noreen Doran
John Dorgan
Steve and Audrey Dormanen
Greta and John Doscher
Sharon Dougherty
Joan Dowdle
Cathy Dressler
Robert and Amy Dressman
Peter Drevs
Mark Dronen
Phillip Kerwin and Alyssa Dudkowski
Michael and Susan Duffy
Mark and Andrea Duguay
David and Cindy Duley
Julie Holmes & Rafael Duran
Lisa Dwyer
Carl Dye
Michael and Mary Dzurko
Cathy Eagen
Catherine Edwards
Bobby and Colette Ehnow
Susan Eimerman
Andrea Eisenberg
Dana Elam
Pat Elgin
Javier and Joan Elias
Gerald and Sharon Ellis
Kathryn Elson
Christine Elwart
Jack Ennenbach
Bill and Bridget Epp
Richard and Lara Eppel
John and Patricia Erhart
Jan Erickson
Kent and Lisa Erickson
Patricia Espe
Michael Evans
Terry, Mike, Chris & Nick Faber
Patricia Fadz
Jerry and Catherine Fagan
Stephanie Fasone
Jennifer Federocko and Family
Mark and Susan Feick
Patricia Feltman
Jim and Joyce Ferneding
John Ferry
Michael and Rica Ficco
Chip and Judy Fiedler
Margaret Fiedler
Michael Fierro
Brian and Violetta Fife
Tom and Maren Finnegan
Jane Fiore
Cris Fischer
Mary Fischer
Mary Fisher
Stanley and Kelly Fisher
Kevin and Mary Ellen Flanagan
Jeffrey and Denise Fleig
Richard Fleis
Jo Fleming
Albert Fleuchaus
David Fogarty
David and Nancy Foley
 Fortress Investment Group, LLC
Staci Foss
Karen Foster
Carole Foust
Jennifer and Rob Fox
Michelle Frederick and family
Michael and Gail Fredian
Mark and Jennifer Freeman
Pat Frey
Tina Frisbie
George Frost
Teresa Branas & Sebastian Fuentes
Judy Fusiak
Mike and Mary Gaertner
Julianne Galas
Mark & Carol Galioto
Gerald and Mary Gallagher
Nancy Gallagher
Shirley Gallagher
Troy and Shauna Galley
Mary Gambardella
Rajesh Gandham
Daniel Gans
Steven and Martha Garcia
Nancy Gaska
Andrew Gattuso
Bill and Patti Geckles
Dave Geddes
Kelly Gehlen
Laura Gellott
Carl and Kathy Gerlach
Suzanne Gerlach
Laura Getka
Albert and Yvonne Giambrone
Tatia Gibbons Laforme
Curtis and Diane Giersch
B.W. and Patricia Giesing
Orietta Gil
Mary Gillespie
Marie, Bill, and Angelina Gillette
Betty Marie Gilley
Linda Gillick
Madeline Gilmour
Liz Gimber
Ginny Ginand
Jeff and Brenna Ginger
Mark Ginty
Larry and Mikie Giusti
Christopher & Renee Glass
Ron and Anne Glatt
Ed and Kathy Gleason
Mary Lou and Jack Gleason
Stanley and JoAnn Glenn
Ken and Melanie Glogovsky
Kathy and Jim Goertemoeller
Sheila Gomez
Tracy and Angel Gomez
Denise Gonzalez
Gwen Goodrich
Akila Gopalakrishnan
Stephen and Susan Gormican
Mary Gould
Erin Grady
Kathleen Grady
Mary Anne and Jim Grady
Charles and Anne Graff
Charmaine Grandau
Kim, Brad, and Kristina Grandon
Nick and Michelle Greazel
Stephen and Karen Grech
Dawn Green
Elise Green
Elizabeth Green
Douglas Greer
Marianne Grieco
Tracie and Scott Grisolano
Bob and Peg Grome
Joe and Kitty Grote
Mark and Sally Gruber
Louis and Dawn Guarno
Maryann Gudermuth
Dan and Bobbie Guerra
Carm and Barbara Gullo
John and Barbara Gutbrod
John and Sue Hackman
Melissa and Joe Haggerty
Terry and Julie Hainje
Barbara Hall
Jeff and Anne Hall
James and Patricia Hallberg
Barbara Haller
Hilary Halm
Mary Karen Halmstad
Roderick and Lillian Hamar
John and Terry Hamlin
Lester and Linda Hammersmith
Paul Hammes
Greg and Ina Handlir
Brian and Elise Hanley
Stephen and Virginia Hanley
Daniel Hansen
Don Hansen
Katherine Hansen
Richard Hanson
Joseph Hapak
Samuel and Rosemary Hardy
Brad and Pam Hargett
Thomas and Joanne Harlin
Rebecca Harper
Mike and Kathy Harrington
John and Clarice Harris
William and Debra Hartman
Bruce and Denise Hartney
Madonna Hartzell
Kathryn Harvey
Fr. Bob Hasenkamp
Greg and Cathy Haug
Stephanie Haumueller
Anne Haus
Siegfried and Mary Hausner
Karen Hawkins
Tracy Hawley
Duane and Victoria Hayes
Diane Heaphy
Bob and Barb Heilala
Kevin Heintz
Father Art Heinze
Loren and Stephanie Heinze
Jane Heitkamp
Brian and Luna Held
Lisa and Kevin Helsley
Beth Hembree
Caroline Henbest
John and Pat Henek
Renee and Olivia Hentges
Mary Jo Hermiller
Danielle Eaves Hernandez
Bill and Maria Herrmann
Chris Herrmann
Nina Hershey
Joe and Kirsten Hertvik
Renee Hertz
Pam Hess
Tom and Iwona Hess
Tim and Christy Hessel
Bob Hicks
Kevin and Susan Hicks
Cary Higgins
Frank Hildebrand
Tom and Margaret Hilliard
Richard and Jean Hills
Nancy and David Hines
R.D. and Juliana Hinkle
Mary Hittler
Reggie and Deborah Hockenberry
Robert and Kathleen Hocker
Father Bob Hoffman
Colleen Gaughan & David Hogaboom
Tom and Melissa Hohler
Susan Holden
Marcie Hollmann
David and Patricia Hollobaugh
Derek and Deborah Holmes
Sharon Holohan
David Holthaus
Denise Holtz
Paul Hom
Louis and Mildred Homan
Amy Hood
Janet Horne
Jim and Susie Horner
Maxine Horton
Joe and Jeanne Houlihan
John and Kathleen Houlihan
Carolyn Houston
Tim Houze
Walter and Carm Hoy
Frank Hsu
Kerry Hubata
Ellen Huber
Rick and Teresa Huber
Maria Hubert
Warren Hueber
Dennis and Emily Huebner
Lisa Huening
Andrea Hug
Julianne Hunt
William Hunt
Paul & Mary Ann Hurtado
Angelo and Matilda Illuzzi
William Ingersoll
Denis and Pam Irsfeld
Linda Jackim
Barbara Jackson
Jim and Kelly Jackson
Fred Jamel
Elizabeth James
June Janiec
Justyna Janik
Briana Jankowski
Richard and Linda Jankowski
Jeanette Jankuski
Mary Jansen
Paul and Nadine Jarossy
Richard and Sharron Jaskunas
Rosana Jasmer
Bruce and Cassandra Jennings
Joel and Carrie Jensen
Robert and JoAnn Jessey
Bob Johnson
David Johnson
Jan Johnson
Lisa and Brent Johnson
Nancy Johnson
 Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts Program
Patrick and Ivana Johnston
Mary Jones
Scott and Eileen Jones
Matt and Susan Jones and Family
Marielle Jonis
Thomas Jordan
Jomy and Anju Rose Joy
Norm and Elaine Jump
Melisa and Dan Jungen
Steven and Connie Jurinak
Annette Kaczmarek
Alex and Linda Kaider
Frank Kaim
Janeann and Peter Kakalecz
Edward and Carol Kaleta
David and Linda Kaltenbach
Francis and Judy Kamaryt
Maggie Kamaryt
Ed and Juanita Kaminski
Elena Kanagandram
Jacqueline Karls
Bob and Mary Beth Karnes
Kenneth and Carol Karpinski
Joan Kasewitch
Christine Kasperek
Cynthia Katafiasz
Julie Kearney
Bill and Sandy Keefe
Judith Keenan
Jerry and Sharon Kegel
Jon and Jenny Kelecius
Jerome and Donna Keller
Joe Keller
Christine and Jim Kelly
Darlene Kelly
Marjorie and Sean Kelly
Michael and Mary Kelly
Paula Kelly
Scott and Julie Kelly
Ralph and Mary Kemna
Jack and Mary Ann Kenesey
Elaine Kennedy
James and Dolores Kennedy
Paulette Kernan
Boyd and Marlene Kerr
Kerry and Patrick Kerr
Troy and Celeste Kerr
Nick and Kathie Kesler
David and Sarah Kessler
Doyle and JoAnn Key
Joe and Pat Kichler
Steve and Trina Kietzman
Robert and Sonja Kim
Jason and Elizabeth King
Pat King
Kazimiera Kinor
Thomas and Carol Kirkpatrick
Victor and Rosemary Kirsch
Peter and Cynthia Kirsh
Jim and Jan Kisela
John and Laura Klages
Frank and Heather Klepitsch
Mary Kliethermes
Helena Klimczak
Frank Klucsarits
Stephen and Patricia Knapp
Mary Jane Knepfel
Paul Knez
 Knights of Columbus #15638
Phyllis Knobbe
Leonard and Viola Koch
Urban and Marlene Kochar
Charles and Kara Koehler
Thomas and Stephanie Koehler
Joe and Theresa Koenig
Robert Koester
Doug and Juli Kohls
Mark and Faith Konchan
Marya Kopacz
Marilyn Koperniak
James and Lisa Kopesky
Jeanette Kopstain
Michael Koranda
Linda Korbel
Jane Kottemann
Chris Kovacs
Charlie and Rachel Kovelle
Greg and Michelle Kozak
Victoria Kramb
Michael and Diane Kraus
Jim and Mary Beth Kremer
Paul and Mary Rose Kremer
Krystyna Krempa
Norbert and Diane Kretz
Rosemary and Brian Kristiansen
Charles and Barbara Kronenwetter
Karen Kruse
Mary Kubicek
Joe and Beth Kuczkowski
Kate Kulczuga
Liz Kultgen
Henry and Michelle Kurzydlowski
Christine and Bill Kushner
Brad and Tricia Labenz
Ruchita Lad
Beth and Ken LaFountain
Gloria LaFountain
Mary Lafser
Dolores Lagemann
Anna Lahood
Dave and Kathy Lakowski
John and Marilyn Lalonde
Colleen LaMantia
Lisa LaMontagne
Elizabeth Lampersberger
David Lamping
Barbara Lane
George and Anne Lanman
Beth Larocca
Derrick and Charine Larsen
Daniel Laskero
Robert and Virginia Lautz
Mary and Jim Laux
Chris and Julie LaVine
Pam and Tom Lawless
Sue Lawton
Michael Leahy
Victoria Ledbetter
Ed and Ginny Lenn
Jack and Luanne Leo
Jacqueline and Frank Leo
Kathleen Leonard
Timothy and Marie LeRoy
Ray and Gloria Levandoski
Martha Levine
Richard and Elizabeth Lewandowski
Craig and Lisa Leweck
Roland and Rose Ley
Bob Lieb
Ronald and Elizabeth Lies
David Liesse
John and Sheryl Lifka
Jennifer and Ruth Linder
Randal Lindsey
Steven and Noreen Linney
Eric and Mala Lipes
Martin & Mary Claire Lipic
Jane Lisko
Paul Listek
Steve and Cynthia Litwer
Elaine Lock
Terry and Sue Locke
Phil and Sue Loncar
Father Tom Long
Sheila Long
Cathy Longacre
Milagros Lopez
Mark and Tina Lorge
Kathleen Loria
Agnes Lorincz
Fran Losacco
Charles and Barbara Losi Jr.
Irie Lott
Thomas and Judith Love
Margaret Lovelette
Howard and Cora Lowry
Bill and Lynne Luehrs
Mini Lukose
Wayne and Mary Lupton
Robert and Helen Lurquin
Colleen Lynch
Julie and T. J. Lynn
Myron & Andrea Lyon
Mike and JoAnn Lyons
Larry and Mary Mackowski
John and Cynthia Maddock
Helen Madrid
Donna Magnuson
Denise and Patrick Maher
Nancy Mahnke
Susan Mahoney
Jamie Makowski
Jeff and Lisa Mallmann
Terri Malta
Raju Manchala
Maureen Mancina
Barbara Mangi
Gary and Laurie Mangin
Kathleen Mannard
Jim Manney
Fr. Jim Manning
Charmaine and Randy Manns
Frank Manzeske
 Marathon Petroleum Company
John and Catherine Marchand
Margaret Marchand
Christina Marciniak
Tom and Arlene Marian
Karen Marsh
Dwayne and Dianne Martin
JoAnn Martin
Chris and Lisa Martineck
Abelardo and Rachel Martinez
Gerald and Hedwig Maslonka
Richard Mason
Ricky and Vicky Massullo
Mark and Megan Mastrofrancesco
David Maszka
Esperanza Reyna Mata
Jo Ann Mata
Richard Matarese
Betty Matteson
Barbara Ann Matthews
Joseph and Mary Beth Mattingly
Chris and Nicole May
Tony and Linda Mazzenga
Wayne and Rita McAuley
Christine McCall
Kevin McCarthy
Margaret McCarthy
Donna McCarthy-Jensen
Matt and Becca McCloskey
Cecelia McClure
Colleen McConnaha
Mary McConnaha
Dale and Nancy McCorkle
John and Judith McCormick
Jean McCulloch
Lee McDermott
Marilyn McDonald
 McDonald's Corporation
Dave McEachen
Sharon McGahan
Joann McGee
Patricia Hine & Debra McGee
Mary Kay McGovern
James and Linda McGrath
Janet McGrath
Kathleen McGuire
Mark McHugh
Marie McIntosh
Doreen and John McIntyre
Gina McKenna
Jane and Myles McKeown
Mary Cullen McKeown
Allen and Leah McKittrick
Ian McMahon
Suzie McMahon
Mary McManus
Linda McMenemy
Mary McMenemy
Mert McMichael
Dennis McMullen
David and Amy McMurray
Kathryn McMurray
John and Laura McNamara
Pat and Lori McPhetridge
Joseph McQuaide
Patricia McQuillan
Tom and Cathy McQuillan
Fr. Terry Meehan
Patrick & Julie O'Connor Meehan
Karen Mehigan
Bobbi and Steve Meier
Kenneth Menager
 Leonard Mentkowski
Stu and Lisa Mercado
Kathy Mercier
 Merck Foundation
Janice Merritt
Marlene Mescher
Paul and Jennifer Mester
Mike and Mary Meyer
Mark and Kate Meyers
Rosalyn Meyers
Jill and Ashley Michael
Robert and Christi Michel
Anthony and Victoria Michelich
Nancy Mieszala
Wayne and Lisa Migura
Tony Mihatov
John, Aimee, Marta & Maya Miles
Catherine & Jerome Miller
Donna Miller
Doris Miller
Leslie and Kathleen Miller
Lisa Miller
Lynn Miller
Pam Miller
Theresa Miller
Tom and Lisa Miller
Bonnie Minaglia
Lynne Minkel
Michael and Barbara Minter
Don Mitchell
Jack and Ann Mitchell
Fr. Timothy Monahan
Janice and Phillip Montgomery
Mark Mooney
Brad and Jessica Moore
Jeanne Moore
Jim and MaryAnn Moore
Louise Moore
Mario Moquete
Eileen Moran
Fr. Carl Morello
Steve and Nancy Morgan
Sharron Morgan-Petri
John and Jeanette Morici
Chaitanya Morla
Jamie and Kristan Morris
Michael and Graziella Morris
Tim and Prudy Morris
Tom and Colleen Morris
Dianna Moser
Janet Mostrom
Christine Mougin
Fr. Ron Mrozinski
 Mrs. MacLean & St. Hugo 5th graders
Paul and Laverne Muehlbauer
Jeff Mueller
Kevin Muhr
Thomas Mulligan
Mary Munding
Doug and Stephanie Murdoch
Kathleen Murphy
Mary Murphy
Robert and Jeanine Murphy
Jim and Regina Murray
Mary Murray
Molly Murray
Teresa Mustan
Priscilla Mutharasan
Aarthi Muthuswamy
Henry David & Patricia Naessens
Brien Nagle
Shashanka Nagula
Rajan and Rajshree Nalawade
Thomas and Shiney Nattakom
Chris Bushey & Ken Naujock
Archana and Sachin Nayar
Dudley Nee
Carmen Lyolette Nelson
Edward & Pauline Nelson
Janet Nelson
Gary Nesslein
Nicholas and Wendy Nett
Bill and Snookie Netting
Sue Neu
Dorothy Neville
Robert & Michelle New
Michael and Michelle Newberry
Nelson and Marcia Newcomer
Amy Newman
Carol Nex
Chris and Barbara Nichols
Carol and Dave Nicholson
Greg Niehaus
Joe Niehaus
Joe and Char Niewind
Lisa and Mike Nix
Jacqueline Nolan
Mike and Maggie Nolan & Family
Bernie and Mary Anne Noonan
Claire Noonan
Jon Noonan
Bertha Novaczyk
Douglas and Betty Noverr
Fran Nowak
Deborah Nye
Elisa O' Brien
Robert and Sally Obach
Pete O'Bannon
Carly Oborn
Carol Lynne O'Brien
James and Phoebe O'Brien
Rosemary O'Brien
Sharon O'Brien
Lee O'Connell
Marybeth O'Connor
Matthew O'Connor
Tom and Kim O'Connor
Barbara Ode
Charlie and Erin O'Dell
Larry and Pam Odgers
Sue Odmark
Janet O'Donnell
Elizabeth Ofstead
Edward and Mary O'Hare
Mark and Peggy O'Hern
Mike and Angie Ohmes
Amaka Okea
Cornelius and Virginia O'Leary
Jeanette Olesnavage
Mark and Judy Olesnavage
Jola Oliver
Brett Olson
Jeff and Kathy Olson
Dennis and Patricia O'Rourke
Joseph and Janet Orth
Mark Orth
Amy O'Shea
Edward and Maryjo Osowski
Bob and Marcy Oswald
Genevieve Oswald
Timothy Oswald
Joseph and Martha Ott
Pamela and Keith Ott
Eileen Overbeck
Robbie and Julie Overlease
Dan Oxler
Bob Paiement
Charles Palian
James Pallone
Theresa Palmen
Joan Palmer
Florence Palumbo-Zilka
Susan and Bernard Paniak
Paula Panzitta
Melissa Patek
Sandra Patten
Diana and Tom Paul
John Paulik
David & Nora Paulson
Tim and Jacqueline Paulson
Robert and Lynette Pavelich
Jeff and Kimberly Pavlock
Barbara Pawlak
Norma Pawloski
Anna Pawlowski
Velia Peace
Mary Jo Pedersen
Marla Pellegrino
Karen Penfold
Tim and Sue Perek
Antonio Perez-Santiago
Ryan and Angie Perish
Patrick and Sharon Perotti
Jack and Mary Peters
Linda and Steve Petersen
Francis and Gladys Petesch
Mike, Judy, Jake and Kay Petrie
Viktoras Petroliunas
 Pfizer Fdn. Matching Gifts Program
James and Sheila Phelan
Philip and Marianne Pick
Lynda Pietruszka
Greg Pigott
Deacon Ronald & Alyce Pilarski
Margie and Jim Pilling
Ramon and Kathleen Pinon-Cassidy
Robert Pinski
Jamie and Gus Pipenhagen
Pat Anne Piper
 Pius XI High School-TAC 400
Wendy and Bob Planek
Matt and Linda Ploch
Shirley Poche
Patricia Podkul
Gretchen Pogge
Robert & Constance Pope
Plinio Porto
Satya Swaroop Pothuraju
Tom and Genevieve Potthast
Pat and Jim Prigge
Vincent and Cherie Provenzano
Richard & Susan Purdon
Joe and Nita Purkat
Julie Putnam
Tim and Kathy Quigley
Tom and Debra Quinlan
Julio Quintana
Linda Quintero
Dennis and Peggy Rabbitt
Jeanne Rabel
A.H. Deepa Rachumalla
Dr. Mike and Anne Rahner
Marcy Rahner
Stephen and Lalida Raj
Jean Ramirez
Carla Brink and Paul Ranelli
Valerie and Aaron Rangel
Pat Rasheff
Kathy and Tony Ratajczak
Linda Rathburn
Evelyn Raupp
Russell and Teresa Ray
Kevin and Karen Raymond
Anthony and Louise Redden
Sandhya and Madu Reddy
Viswanatha and Lakshmi Reddy
Barbara Redmond
Tom and Missy Reedy
Erin Reeves
Katie and Patrick Reichart
Gavin and Lauren Reid
Shawn and David Reintjes
Joseph and Theresa Remacle
Marilyn Rengel
Phillip Rewers
Christine and Robert Reyes
Brian and Mary Jo Reynolds
Linda and Larry Reynolds
Sue Rhomberg
Barbara Richter
Barbara Riebel
Marilyn Riederer
Pat and Carl Riedmatter
Barbara Rieffel
Peg Riexinger
Maria Rigoli
Sue and Terry Ripple
John and Dianne Rischke
Alicja Rivota
Aaron and Ashley Robben
Jim and Sherri Robbins
Kelly Robbins Stephenson
Ben and Sharon Roberts
Lindsey Robinson
Polly and Paul Robinson
Mary Jo Robinson-Jamison
Dohna Rode
Karen and Anthony Rodgers
Randy and Mariellen Roeder
Ann Marie Rogalcheck Frissell
David and Carolyn Rogers
Mary Rohr
Rich and Becky Roller
Jan Roman - Gonzales
Marilyn Romanenghi
Carol Rorick
Regina Rosati
Adam and Kelly Rose
Dianne Rose
Rick Rose
Robert and Susan Rose
Veronica Rose
Robert and Andris Ross
Maria Rosvall
Donna Roth
Daniel and Susan Rowan
John and Patti Rowan
Judy and Steve Rowles
Edward Royal
Kelly J. and Kelly A. Rozen
Cecilia Rozmiarek
Matthew Rudny
June Rudolph
Dorina Ruiz
Michael and Anne Rumpza
Kenneth and Bonnie Russell
Robert and Sherry Russo
Beverly Ryan
Jean Ryan
William Ryan
Andrew and Marissa Ryan & Family
Maria Sajdak
Lauri Salani
Peter Saldanha
Dolores Salek
 Salesforce.com Foundation
Michael Samars
Bill and Maria Samatas
Traci Sanders
Javier Sandoval
Daniel and Katherine Sanford
Theresa Santor
Mark and Jerre Sardou
Ray and Chanelle Savich
Diamante and Michele Savino
Amy Saxton
Beth and Paul Scanlon
Barbara Scelsi
Jamee Schafehen
Kenton and Suzette Schaff
Curt and Rhonda Schaller
Steve and Eileen Schallhorn
Roberta Schauer
Mary Clare Scheg
Cathy and John Scherer
Greg and Linda Scherer
Jacquie Schermerhorn
Gayla Schertzing
Allen and Brenda Schilder
Deborah Schilling
Marilyn Schimanski
Jay and Lynn Schindley
Kelly and William Schlegel
Russ and Karen Schlote
Father Phil Schmitter
Peter and Julie Schmitz
Richard Schmitz
Kathie Schneider
Randy and Janel Schneider
William & Sandra Schneider
Bettina Schneiderman
Jamie and Jodi Schnell
John and Mary Anne Schoeny
Bill and Pat Schonacher
Adam and Samantha Schortgen
Patrick and Ann Schroeder
Susan Schroeder
John and Lynn Schubert
Mary Ellen Schueler
Mark and Barb Schuermann
Dan and Mary Schulte
Chris and Geralyn Schultz
Richard and Barbara Schulz
Mary Schulze
Agnes Schuster
James and Carol Schuster
Abby Schwenk
Jana and Patrick Schwerdtfeger
Jeff and Diane Scott
Tom Scott
Barbara Scullion
Almer Sears Jr.
Kathy Sedan
Subramanyan & Nirmala Segu
Kirk and Brandy Seidl
Adam and Sarah Seitz
Douglas and Shanna Sellers
JoAnn Seltzer
Melissa Sen
Matthew & Denise Sena
Father John Seper [Personal Mail ]
Steve and Julie Serres
Richard Moldawsky & Ellen Severoni
Sandra Sexton
Neil and Mary Seymour
David and Susan Shaffer
Dennis Shallow
Christopher & Raymona Shanahan
Richard and MaryPat Shandor
Maureen Shanley
Tracy Shannon
Dorothy Shao
Madeleine Sharko
Michael Shaw
Ann Shea
Richard and JoAnn Sheahan
Robert and Jennifer Sheedy
Eva Sheehan
Anita Sherron-Farr
Brad and Sally Shewmon
Tom and Nicoline Shields
Laurie Shown
Scott and Martha Sibbel
John and Marilyn Sidelinger
Jordan and Kaitlyn Siebenaller
Frank and Jeanne Siebert
Gerard and Barbara Sieck
Magdalena Sielska-Brown
Holly and Scott Simmons
Hazel Simolo
Bonnie Simons
Tom and Helen Singer
Amitabh Singh
Maryann Sipkovsky
Nancy Sixta
Gay Sladky
John and Colleen Slater
Adam and Amelia Slemp
Edward and Mary Smetana
Elizabeth Smith
Larry and Frances Smith
Larry and Tammy Smith
Phil Smith
Rosemary Smith
Susan Smith
Henry and Maria Soares
Teresa Sokol
Tom and Becky Sommerhauser
Beverly Sondag
Mark Sosnowski
Patricia Sowell
Paul and Diane Spanier
Dr. Robert & Sally T.C. Spaniol
Sarah and Joe Spaniol
Stacey Sparacino
Robert Spatz
Roger and Dawn Spencer
Linda Spille
John and Dolores Spoden
Richard and Sharon Sporrer
Cindy Spreitzer
 St. Jane de Chantal Parish Ladies Guild
 St. John's Episcopal Church
Mary St. Pierre
Elizabeth Stachowiak
Dick and Mary Kay Stahler
Lois Stanciak
Richard and Rosemarie Stanek
Joe and Pam Stanislav
Thomas and Leslie Stanley
Mary Staples
Evan Stark
Deacon Gary and Joy Steffes
Ron and Nancy Stein
Sherry Stein
Greg and Roslynn Steiner
John and Kathryn Steiner
LeRoy and Karen Stelzer
Nicole and John Stephan
Karen Stephens
Connie Sterbenz
Cynthia Sternisha
Raymond Stevens
Tim and Kellie Stewart
Jack and Janice Stiefel
Jim Stiegler
Mike and Janet Stineman
Mary Stitt
Bernadette Stocker
Julie Strasser
Karen Streit
Bryan & Karen Streu
Ed and Ann Sturzl
Michael and Cynthia Suda
Jay and Susan Sugar
Bill and Elaine Sullivan
Joseph Sullivan
Mike and Marti Sullivan
Jacki Summerson
John and Judy Sunderman
Amy and Jon Sussman
Gary and Mary Jo Sutton
Joyce Swallow
Peter and Sheilya Swan
Claudia and Jim Swarthout
Jim and Cathy Sweitzer
Valerie Swords
Tim Sykes
Bert Sylvain
Stanley and Pat Syta
Robert Szafraniec
Caryn Szejka
Alex and Rachel Szekely
Debra Szott
Stan and Teresa Szott
Helena and Monica Bors Szymanska
Kathleen and Carl Tabor
Brenda Tamborini
Thomas and Judith Tarcson
Peter and Preya Tarsney
Jim and JoAnn Tennenbaum
James and Lois Theilmann
Daniel and Betty Thoennes
Nancy Thomas
Jeffery and Karen Thompson
Peter and Luann Thomson
Bonnie Tibitts
Michael Tietz
John Tischhauser
Lillian Tita
Tommy and Lisa Titzman
Jim and Jamie Tobbe
Adam and Kimberly Tocci
Jim Todd
Nancy Todd
Nancy Toerner
Brian Tomcik
Tom and Pat Tommet
James and Mary Ann Toohey
Sue and Bill Toussaint
Donald Traut
Carolyn Traynor
Peter and Jill Treacy and family
John and Patricia Trotsky
Ed and Sue Trumbull
Mary Tueth
Kevin and Julie Tushaus
Jeanne Tutich
Kelly Twohig
David Tyree
Loretta Ulincy
Donna Urban
Charles Utz
Alan and Marie Vaina
Mike and Karen Valerio
Dennis and Graciela Van Gemert
Kathy Vanden Langenberg
Alfred and Susan Vann
Isabell Varela
Winnie Varley-Maneclang M.D.
Sridhar Vedula
Celine Velazco
Bala Venkataraman
Jayanth Vennapusa
Barbara Ventura
Roger and Vibeth Vesagas
Diane Vicik
Fred and Paula Vickery
Suzy Villa
Christine Vincek
Frank and Lea Ann Vlasek
Chet Voglewede
Denise Von Feldt
Gregory & Dolores Vonderheide
Sindhuri and Siva Swaroop Vontela
Marsha Voran
Johnny and Sandi Waclawczyk
Beth and Gerard Wagner
Kristine Wagner
Mark Wagner
Roger and Phyllis Waldmiller
Brian Walker
Chris and Colleen Wallace
Larry and Julie Wallendorff
Mike and Mary Walsh
Tom and Kathy Walsh
Brett Walter
Florence Warchal
Lawrence Wardzala
Denise Waytes
Michelle Weaver
Teresa Weaver
Msgr. Donald Webber
Ronald Weber
Janine Weinberg
Tom and Cindy Weiss
Edward & Stephanie Weisse
Sharon Welch
Gregory and Sonia Werba
Charlene Wersching
Romana Wesely
Cliff and Kelly Westfall
Jason and Kristin White
John and Lisa White
Norma White
Rachel Whitmore
Joe and Kayla Widder
Denis and Sandra Wiener
Arthur and Susan Wientzen
Jennifer Wiergowski
Frank and Marilyn Wilde
Ronald and Alexandria Wilger
Rebecca Wilhelm
Mary Wilkinson
Andrew Williams
Ken and Linda Williams
Margaret and Chris Williams
Denis and Jill Wills
Cathy and Dick Wilson
Eric and Ellen Wilson
Laura Wilson
Amy Boeckholt Wilt
Joan Winkelman
Paul and Pam Winterman
Benjamin Wisniewski
Danny Wisniewski
Katie Wisniewski
Matthew Wisniewski
Zachary Wisniewski
Charles and Patty Wiswall
Peter and Jean Witty
Darlene Woitaszek
James Wojciechowski
Connie Wood
Michael Woods
Tonia Wurzelbacher
Bob and Pat Wutz
Cindi Yadamec
Pete & Leslie Yaeger
Joe and Diane Yannotta
Henrietta Yardley
Jerry and Ann Yates
Azmath Yazdani
Mary Yerkes
Michael and Juanita Yost
Elizabeth Youakim
Fabiola Young
Dale and Susan Zachman
Eric and Heidi Zachmann
Christian and Lisa Zammit
Leticia Zavala
Father William Zavaski
Jim and Kathy Zdeb
Roxanne Zeder
Marlene Zekoski
Marianne Zelewsky
Nicole Zistler
Dennis and Christine Zmyslo
Peter and Jan Zorn
Steve and Debbie Zsigray
Ave Zuccarino
John and Elaine Zuzack
Dariusz and Paulina Zyskowski

Donation Group from $ 501 to $ 1000

Cecelia Albregts
 Assumption Church
Mary Ann Austin
Sharon and Paul Baxter
Rob and Virginia Bayer
Jim and Rhonda Beane
Mary and Bob Belter
Margaret Bernadette
Robert Bilton
Mark and Beth Brockelman
Deacon George & Bona Brown
Dale and Margaret Buchholz
Jane Bunkers
Joseph and Alethea Burkett
Thomas and Patricia Butts
Mia Cajita
Alan Carlson
Paul Christian
Arlene and Marshall Colburn
Francisco and Marie Colon
Thomas and Kathleen Conlin
Sucheta and Patrick Connolly
James and Lara Connors
Tom and Bev Dalton
Nevin and Christy Das
Ken and Anne Denbow
Mike and Nancee Desch
Peter and Maggie Devlin
Jeff and Karen Dickmann
Dan Dwyer
Karen Dal Santo and Jack Edelbrock
Robin and Lisa Edison
Joan and Rod Ems
Stan Erb
Mary Esbjornson
Jim and Bev Farry
Mary and Lou Finocchario
Gabriella Fontana
Ofelia Foreman
Joan Freitas
Paul and Anne Freitas
Sireesh Gavini
Paul and Mary Gittinger
Nancy Gohl
Jake and Pat Gosa
Susan Warner and David Griffin
Debbie Griffiths
Dr. Del and Peg Hahn
Paul Hanley
Paul and April Heinen
Kevin and Heidi Hester
Kay Hirsch
Carl & Debbie Howell
Lisa Huben
Robert and Ann Hudak
John & Barbara Hughes
Thomas and Nancy Hulsebosch .
Jim Hupfer
Kristen and John Jacobs
Karen Jenni
Bruce and Kathy Johnson
George and Helen Jost
Carl and Maria Juliao
William and Janet Kahler
Mark and Mary Jo Kapellen
Tony and Courtney Kim
Mark and Anne Kinzer and Family
Kevin and Megan Kramer
Catherine Laiacone
Mary and Mitch Lamancuso
Paul Lancos
Patricia Lenton
Bob and Joan Mack
James and Linda Makowski
Frederick and Joanne Marcellus
Edward and Dorothy Markham
Marcia Marshall
 Mary Immaculate Church
Rose Masters
Michael and Lorey Maszka
Mira Matak
Thomas McCormick
Meg McDermott
Dr. Ross McHenry
Rebecca and Jason Moriarty
Marionna Munaco
Nina Munaco
Petrina Munaco
Theresa Munaco
James Murray Jr.
 NASNI Religious Offering Fund
Holly Nelson
Jan Nelson
 Network for Good
Brigid O'Connor
Blasco and Milagros Oliveira
Kevin and Karen O'Malley
Mary Patterson
Marilou Pederson
Dorota Zdanowicz & Piotr Pietrzkiewicz
Kimberly and Satish Ponnuru
Olga Prado
Vicki Price
Carol Primozic and Family
Michelle Reddy
Ed and Donna Rivard
John and Debbie Roller
Adam and Julia Romeiser
Todd and Anne Rossignol
Milton and Mary Rusch
Patrick and Mary Sabol
Robert Santilli
Fr. Rob Schultz
Ann Seidl Gerteisen
Eleanor Sesta
Greg and Suzanne Settelmayer
Mary Shacklett
Kelly and Mansoor Shariff
George and Anna Shaw
Deacon Pierce & Midge Sheehan
Kathleen Shine
Jeffrey and Lorraine Silkman
Joe Sorrentino Jr
Judy Sousa
 St. Andrew Catholic Church
 St. Jane de Chantal RE & Formation
Cindy and Bob Stiens
Andreas and Lukas Stocker
Fr. Tom Sutherland
Lawrence and Mary Teofilo
Rita Thomas
 Timothy Financial Giving Fund
Polly Toro
David and Sharon Toth
David and Christine Ulmen
Nancy and Larry Urbanski
 Valley Honda
Bill and Karen Vance
Thomas and Susan Verellen
Father Tony Viviano
Dolores Walker
Tom and Sherri Waris
Deacon Tom & Diane Westerkamp
Charles and Nancy Wilkie
Jim and Linda Wyatt
Richard and Ann Yoo
Sheng-Hwa Yu
Dorothy and Roman Zajac
Paul and Mary Zeller
Ted and Anne Zemper
Joanna and Rafal Ziabka
Pat Zins

Donation group from $ 1001 and above

Rich and Louise Agnew
Mark and Debbie Archer
Rusty Baldwin
Ellin Baranowski
Matt and Diana Bellagamba
David and Lisa Bertler
Terry and Bill Biggins
Margarite Burns
Martha Carlin
James Carrington
Donna Cassidy
John Collins
Janice Colosi
John Costigan
Robert and Isabel Curley
Cyriac Chandy and Siju Cyriac
Philip and Lori Dallman
David & Nancy Danis Charitable Foundation
Adrienne DeSouza
Mary and Alice Dyrek
Joe and Kim Eckert
George & Mary Lou Fitzsimmons
Jeffery and Ofelia Foreman and family
Thomas and JoAnne Fry
Marcia and Richard Fung
Sue Gausselin
Paul & Raeghan Graessle
Ellen and Mike Griffin
Thomas and Carole Guyette
Bob and Elaine Halliday
George and Pamela Hamel
Rick and Cindy Hepperla
Margaret Hresko
Marilynn Hughes
Richard Kaminski
Nandini Anuradha Karnala
Msgr. Raymond Kirk
Dale and Jackie Knoop
Tom and Patty Laughlin
Dr. Gilbert and Philomena Lawrence
John and Acshula Lawrence
Louise Lawson
Dennis and Joanne Lenz
Susan Lipari
Donald Luken
Brenda Lyon
Carl Malberg
Marina and Dan Mallinger
Walter and Julie Malmstrom
Ana Rose and Jennifer Mani
Robert and Christine Maszka
 Matthew 25 Committee
Robyn and Maggie Matthews
Don and Lynn May
Marty Moore
Jason Morin
Patrick and Nancy Moroney
Mary Jo White and John Muenzer
Mark and JoAnne Mullen-Muhr
Vito and Jeanine Munaco
Maureen Noonan
Fr. Kevin Novack
Paula O'Connor
Carole O'Neill
Ken and Peggy Overholt
Virginia Patek
Curtis and Jenny Pehl
Mary Polczynski
Bill and Emily Pritchett
Dick and Willie Rahner
John and Maureen Reichart
Juan Sarmiento
Marcus Schumer
Morine and Ron Schwenkler
Kathleen Scott
Dr. Grant and Pam Shumway
Dana and John Spehlmann
 St. Columba Catholic School
 St. Giles Church
 St. James Parish
Paul and Phyllis Steffan
Joan Stonitsch
 United States Systems, Inc.
John and Joan Vatterott
 W.W. Grainger Employee Match
Sonja Yates