Travel in India with Dr. Geetha and Tom Chitta-January 2014

Greetings to you! We would like to invite our sponsors to visit India to see the work of FCN and visit your sponsored individuals. It will be an incredible experience. If you would like to join this educational trip, please e-mail Tom Chitta at by the end of August 2013. FCN will organize a trip each year in January or February. If you can not join this year think of future trips. We invite you to enjoy the reflections written by some of our sponsors who have been to India by visiting the “sponsors visit to India” on our website. Looking forward to hearing from you. With Prayers and Much Gratitude, Dr. Geetha and Tom Chitta

Travel in India with Dr. Geetha and Tom Chitta-January 2014

January 18 depart from Chicago or any other city

19: evening or late night arrival at Hyderabad, India

20: rest and sight-seeing at Hyderabad

21: Hyderabad – sight-seeing and visit to FCN Projects

22: Hyderabad – sight-seeing and visit to FCN Projects

22: night train to Kadapa ( 9 hours )

23-26: Porumamilla - Visit to FCN projects

27: train to Chennai ( six hours )

28: sight-seeing at Chennai

29: flight to Delhi-rest

30: Taj Mahal, Agra

31: sight-seeing at Delhi

1 February: night and 2 early morning return journey to the U.S.>

The ticket from Chicago to Hyderabad and from Delhi to Chicago will be approximately $ 1400 or $ 1500. It may be cheaper if there are any sales.

The ticket from Chennai to Delhi will be approximately $ 100.

The train tickets from Hyderabad to Kadapa and from Kadapa to Chennai will be approximately $ 40.

Tom and Geetha will host you at Hyderabad and Kadapa. We will provide you accommodation in our homes. Sightseeing expenses will be about $ 150 for a week both in Hyderabad and Kadapa.

In Delhi and Chennai we will stay in the pastoral centers. In these places you will pay as you go along for food, accommodation and transportation expenses. It comes to about $ 50 for food and travel per day. It will be simple accommodation and will cost about $ 10 per person per day with single room.

Geetha and Tom will receive you at Hyderabad and travel with you the entire trip.

Visiting India is a life time experience. We welcome you to join us on this great trip. Please call or email if you would like to take this trip by the end of August 2013.

Tom: 847-903-9892

Our travel agent:

For the past ten years Azmath Yazdani of Asina Travel in Chicago has been helping us and she will get the best fares to India. You can buy through her or from your own travel agent or online. Please check with Tom Chitta before you purchase your ticket.

Azmath Yazdani, 9248 Twin Oaks Lane, Des Plaines, IL 60016

Toll Free: 1-866-502-7462

Ph: 847-803-3333

Fax: 847-803-3308