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The History of Foundation for Children in Need

Foundation for Children in Need was founded by Tom Chitta and Geetha Yeruva in 2002 in Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA. It is a not-for-profit organization that provides help to the needy children, college students and elderly in the rural villages of India. FCN also addresses various needs such as medical care, health education, women development and others. It is an organization with 501 (C) 3 tax exempt status.

At this time FCN is sponsoring nearly 2000 children and college students and 60 elderly. FCN has established several schools, a few boarding homes for boys and girls and FCN Home is serving the needy in rural areas of India.

FCN is guided and directed by a seven member Board of Directors in the USA. Each one of them is committed, experienced and gifted. They are very much interested in reaching out to the needy in the interior villages of India. FCN is supported by many dedicated volunteers and advisers.

All the board of directors, advisers and volunteers give of their time and talent to serve the poor in India.

Since 1980, Tom and Geetha have been working in the villages in the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in South India. Through many years of experience and with the encouragement and support of friends in the United States of America that have adopted or sponsored children from India, there grew a desire to pool the resources to reach out to the needy in India.

Tom and Geetha facilitate the sponsorship program assisted by part time staff and volunteers in U.S.A and by teachers, social workers and staff in India. Tom and Geetha organize and supervise all the FCN programs in India assisted by FCN staff and volunteers.

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FCN has coordinated 2000 Free Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate surgeries to the Needy Children in the past 9 years.