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AN-Guru Mohan Baleboina

I am Guru MohanBaleboina from Akkalareddypalle, YSR Kadapa District. I am studying 7th grade in FCN School. My father died of a heart attack when I was one year old. My mother is a day laborer. Because of poverty my brother and I could not go to school. My elder brother also is studying 9th grade in FCN School. I have been studying here for 8 years. I am grateful to founders of FCN for gifting us with an education. I am very thankful to my sponsors.


Hi, I am Samuel studying in 11th grade at Yuvatha Foundation. I am here for the past 5 years. I lost my father when I was in 4th grade. My mother works as a day laborer at construction sites. Her work is not regular and I have seen her struggling to feed me and also to send me to school. She got to know about Yuvatha Foundation and joined me. I am staying here from 7th grade. All my educational expenses have been supported by FCN. I thank each and every one of the FCN family and my loving sponsors who have been supporting me and many children like me. May God bless you all with good health.

HY-Ankitha Kalloju

Hello!! I am Ankitha Kalloju. I am studyingBachelor of Science 3rd year. I have been receiving sponsorship from FCN for the past 13 years. My father died due to tuberculosis when I was in 4th grade. My mother works in a cardboard making company as a helper. It was very difficult for my mother to educate me and my brother and to meet our daily needs with her low income. She was about to discontinue my education but FCN came forward to help me towards my education. I am indebted to my sponsors, Dr.Geetha and Tom Chitta for their great service to the needy students like me. God bless FCN and long live FCN.

JA-Aarthi Chanda

Saluteto FCN and my Sponsors! I am Aarthi Chanda hailing from the state of Maharashtra. I lost my father in an accident in the year 2004 at my young age. The struggles and financial hardships we have gone through for our survival are indescribable. Later my mother joined me in Jeevodaya orphanage. Since then, I am able to continue my education with the help of FCN sponsorship. Now I am studying12th grade. What I am today is because of the support of FCN and the credit goes to the founders Dr. Geetha and Tom Chitta for their relentless service towards needy children like us. A billion thanks to my sponsors for their endless sharingand caring for my future.

PN-Prasanna Kade

My name is Prasanna Kade. The sudden death of my father due to electric shock in 2006 left our family in a deep shock. My mother is working as a day laborer. It was a great struggle for my mother to take care of the family and also educate us with her little income. It was then FCN came as a ray of light to me and am receiving the support from FCN for the past 7 years. I am doing my 11th grade, hoping to do my graduation and stand on my feet. My sincere thanks to my sponsors and FCN. May God continue to bless all of you.

FH-Dastagiri Shaik

My name is Dastagiri Shaik from Hazpalli near Shadnagar. I worked as a rickshaw puller all my life. I do not have children. My wife Samiem died in 2017. I became ill and could not do any work. I started begging for survival and living on the roadside. The Police officer of our town helped meto have shelter at FCN Home. I am happy and leading peaceful life in this old age.I thank donors, Dr.Geetha and Tom Chitta for building this beautiful Home for individuals like me. God bless them all.


My name is MahalakshmiAppakondu. From 1st grade onwards I am studying in Ashanilayam Special School for the Hearing and speech Impaired, at Kopparthy, YSR Kadapa District. Now I am in 10th grade. I am so happy to be in this school. I have developed my career by learning speech and language with the help of my teachers. I am very grateful to FCN family for helping me to continue my studies. My parents are day laborers. If I was not given an opportunity to study in this special school, I would have been an illiterate child and work in the hot sun along with my parents as a day laborer. My sincere thanks to my sponsors and FCN Founders.


My name is Israel. I am 45 years old. I am affected with polio from childhood. I cannot do any work. My parents died 11 years ago. After the death of my parents my older brother took care of me for few years. He himself is struggling to provide for his family and it became difficult for them to take care of me. So, he joined me in Lahari Home. FCN is a hope to our Lahari Home and especially for me. I am happy and enjoying peaceful life here. I have been receiving sponsorship for 6 years. I thank Founders of FCN and the staff for taking care of me with love and care. I am grateful to my sponsors for their sacrifice and sharing.

FCN has coordinated 2000 Free Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate surgeries to the Needy Children in the past 9 years.