Fifteenth Anniversary of FCN at Chicago

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Fifteenth Anniversary Celebration of Foundation for Children in Need

Most Reverend Bala Udumala, Bishop of Warangal, India celebrated Anniversary mass with Father Matt, Father Derek, Father Bill and 12 priests and gave thanks to God for the many blessings on FCN. Nearly 300 sponsors and well-wishers gathered to celebrate this very special occasion. Bishop Bala said that the Foundation brings the West and East together and FCN is the Best. He admired the hard work of Tom and Geetha.

Following mass there was reception and dinner. Bishop Bala, Father Matt, Father Bill and Anne Rivet, Mission Director of the Diocese of Lansing, MI were honored in an Indian traditional way with a shawl. Father Matt appreciated the presence of FCN at St. James Parish. Father Bill Zavaski who was in India in 2015 said he has never seen two hard working persons like Tom and Geetha who have dedicated their entire lives for those in need. Father Carl Morello, pastor of St. Giles Parish in Oak Park, IL made a visit to FCN Projects in 2016 said that the work done by FCN is very inspiring. Several sponsors shared about their visit to India and affirmed the work of FCN.

Tom and Geetha expressed their gratitude to Father Matt and St. James Parish Community and to all the donors across the United States for their amazing support for the past 15 years.

FCN has coordinated 2000 Free Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate surgeries to the Needy Children in the past 9 years.